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DESIGNER FRAMES & designer eyeglasses for lenses 


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We are the best kept secret in the world of designer frames and designer eyeglasses. Your eyewear and the frames you choose  are individual to you. Designer frames have become synonymous with elegance, style, and craftsmanship. From iconic brands to emerging designers, the market offers a diverse range of options that seamlessly blend functionality with fashion. Let's explore designer frames for lenses and the top considerations when selecting the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

Why Choose Designer Frames for Lenses?

Designer eyeglasses are crafted with precision, combining innovative design concepts with high-quality materials. Opting for designer frames for lenses offers several benefits, including:

  1. Style and Fashion: Designer frames are often at the forefront of fashion trends, allowing wearers to express their personal style. From classic and sophisticated to bold and avant-garde, these frames cater to a wide range of tastes.

  2. Quality Craftsmanship: Renowned designers prioritise craftsmanship, ensuring that each frame is meticulously constructed for durability and comfort. High-quality materials such as acetate, titanium, and stainless steel are commonly used, providing both strength and a luxurious feel.

  3. Exclusive Designs: Many designer eyewear brands release limited-edition or exclusive collections, allowing wearers to own a unique piece of art. These exclusive designs often feature intricate details and innovative shapes that set them apart from mass-produced alternatives.

  4. Branding and Recognition: Designer frames often bear the iconic logos or emblems of the respective brands, adding an element of prestige and recognition. For many, wearing designer eyewear is symbolic of their individual style.


Top Considerations When Choosing Designer Frames for Lenses:

  1. Face Shape: Different frame shapes complement various face shapes. Whether you have an oval, round, square, or heart-shaped face, understanding your face shape can guide you in selecting frames that enhance your features.

  2. Material and Comfort: Consider the material of the frames, as it not only affects the aesthetic but also influences comfort. Titanium frames, for example, are lightweight and hypoallergenic, while acetate frames offer versatility in colour and style.

  3. Brand Preferences: Explore different designer brands and identify those that align with your personal style. Each brand has a unique design philosophy, so finding a brand that resonates with you ensures a perfect match.

  4. Lens Options: Most importantly consider the variety of lens options that meet your needs and research which brands can fit the lenses you need. The good news is that most opticians are able to advise on the suitability of the frames and are able to change, replace, and put prescription lenses into most frames. Not only that but choosing designer frames from an eyeglasses outlet can be far more cost-effective than opting for a new pair of eyeglasses from the opticians

Investing in designer  frames for lenses is more than a practical choice; it's a style statement that reflects your personality and appreciation for craftsmanship. With an array of options available, finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses involves considering your face shape, personal style, and the features that enhance your look. Elevate your eyewear experience with designer frames that seamlessly blend fashion and function, ensuring you see the world with clarity and unparalleled elegance.

Buying designer frames and then having your lenses fitted separately gives you a huge choice in style and designer brands. Modeface stock a wide variety of attractive, cool, outlandish, and exciting designer frames to suit all faces, styles, and needs.

Shopping at Modeface for your designer eyeglasses, you get an unparalleled level of choice and style, unmatched at your local opticians, online, and on the high street. 

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